Our company is the official and sole importer of the world famous Italian brand Atlas Concord. Atlas Concord is one of the largest and most famous factory that is engaged in the production and manufacture of ceramic tiles from Modena, Italy. About the size of Atlas Concord witnesses the fact that the company is present on the world’s biggest markets: the US, China, as in much of Europe or Russia, France, Germany, Spain, etc.

The subsidiary of Atlas Concord for the Republic of Macedonia and the store are located within the area of ​​”TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje on “Pero Nakov” no. 31 Madzari settlement in Skopje.

Atlas Concord offers a large selection of high quality tiles at affordable prices, depending on what tiles do you need. Our showroom has a size of 200 m2 and in it you can find over 850 models of tiles, floor, wall, grease porcelain and many others. For the success of Atlas Concord in the Republic of Macedonia are witnessing the appraisal projects in recent years that the brand is present on our market, and we could mention: the building of the Football Federation of Macedonia, a number of residential projects, over twenty buildings, and for us as a serious company, it is important that we cooperate exclusively with the best construction companies and design offices of our country that will undoubtedly recognize the quality of the product that they receive choosing tile Atlas Concord.

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