Dear partners and clients, on 12.01.2016 was locked concession agreement for the hunting areas number 5 – BANJA (with an area of ​​9560 hectares) and number 6 – PODLOG (an area of ​​7002 hectares) between the Government of the Republic of Macedonia as the grantor and the Joint Stock Company for supply of goods and services to wholesale and retail “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. – Skopje in the role of concessionaires. Thus, “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje through its subsidiary number 4 hunting and trappering “CONCORDIA HUNTING TEAM” – Osogovo in Kocani, began to manage both hunting grounds for the period of next ten years. The hunting grounds BANJA and PODLOG are subject to an open area and both lie at Bregalnica’s hunting area, a few kilometers from the town of Kocani, Macedonia.

For more information, we invite you to visit us at our offices in Skopje Str. “Pero Nakov” no. 31 at “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje or our branch office in Kocani located on ul. “Brothers Stavrevi” no. 23 – Kocani.





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