“TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje is a company present in several business sectors in the country. However, we can say that the primary business activity of our company is the business of import and distribution of some of the best brands in the food industry, as well as import and distribution of raw materials for the needs of producers in the food industry in the Republic of Macedonia. “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje is a long-term business partner of over fifty top brands in the food industry in the Republic of Macedonia and over twenty manufacturers of raw materials in the same industry. More about the programs and products they import and distribute in the territory of the Republic Macedonia, you can find out by clicking the field ‘FOOD DEPARTMENT` that you can find at drop menu bar below `PORTFOLIO` or you can browse and download our electronic catalog that you can find at the main menu.

Within our business area of ​​17,000 m2 of which a good part of the needs of our company, and part rented, “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje has officially office and showroom for one of the leaders on the global market for ceramic tiles, group – Atlas Concorde from Modena, Italy. Also, “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje is an importer with its own showroom for the German leader in the production of premium laminate – Classen. More about Atlas Concorde and Classen products and programs that work on the territory of our country, you can find at the field ‘TILES DEPARTMENT and LAMINATES DEPARTMENT` at the dropdown menu under ‘PORTFOLIO`.

Recently our company became an official representative of the Italian factory for production of mattresses, pillows and sleeping beds Dorelan, with its own showroom, which is also located within the area of ​​”TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje. More about Dorelan, you can find at the field `mats and beds sector` on the same scroll menu.

Our latest business venture that can be proud of is the activation of our last subsidiary CONCORDIA HUNTING TEAM – OSOGOVO where we are managing with the hunting grounds BANJA and PODLOG and near Kocani, where we organize hunting tours for small and big wild animals. More about this at the field ‘hunting sector` which can be found on the progress bar below the portfolio.