The beginnings of our company date back to 1949, through the establishment of TP Angrotekstil Skopje, which in 1962 merged with TP Angrometal and TP Raznopromet Skopje to form a new commercial enterprise Interpromet.

In 1974 TP Interpromet changed its name to Basic organization of associated labor TEKSTIL Skopje that together with twelve OOZT companies falls under the big commercial chain RO Interpromet and functions such as the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia.

In 1990, our company is independent and becomes a “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje, a joint stock company in mixed ownership. Since 2001, “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje is a joint stock company in private ownership which changes its core business, which until then was trade in textiles – the import and distribution of food and food products through its own distribution and wholesale network.

Today, we can say that the “TEKSTIL” j.s.c. Skopje is an importer and distributor of more than 50 world-established brands from the world of food industry which is one of the leaders on the Macedonian market in the abovementioned industry as official partner for the territory of the Republic Macedonia for Atlas Concorde, Dorelan and Classen with own stores within our company.